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  • Health and Longevity
        If you care about keeping your Golden healthy and living as long as possible this is worth reading ~ and following the reccomendations.
  • Spay/ neuter reading
        Important reading for puppy owners. A puppy must NOT be spayed or neutered until it is at least 14 months, regardless of sex. It’s for the health of the dog and there is a lot of evidence that support this.
  • Evergreen Golden Retriever Club
        Local Seattle area Golden Retriever Breed Club. I am a full voting member of our the Evergreen GR Club participating in club activities and volunteering and chairing club sponsored events.
  • K9 database
        Pedigree database for Golden Retrievers
  • GR Pigmentary Uveitis
        Only an ophthalmologist can detect PU. Get your Golden checked yearly after about 4 years of age.
  • Taurine Deficiency
        Recent study done at UC Davis regarding Taurine Deficiency in Goldens from feeding grain free food. Dogs have been diagnosed with Dilated Cardiomyopathy which can be a severe health concern and worst cases can lead to death !!! Be aware !!!

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